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Video Sinta n Jojo Keong Racun, Ever heard the duo Moymoy plaboy that some time ago had increased leaf on YouTube because kelebayannya? Well, recently appeared 'artist' similar local kind of sweet-faced.

Sprott and Jojo is a duo who seem to want to follow the success Moymoy Palaboy. Virgin sweet-faced duo is pretty straight up the leaves with a poison that spreads conch songs on YouTube.

In some thread belongs to the largest forum in Indonesia, their presence immediately became a byword. Some of the comments of the members also claim to be entertained by the action of 'strange' to them.

While in the universe YouTube, the video clips directly Poison conch skyrocketed with 20 060 viewers. Some comments were immediately meet these clips video pages. Not only snail poison, they also do lipsync few songs like: Doctor Love, Telephone, and Love and One Nights.

'Actually it was lo ber2 pretty, but make videos ginian so ilfeel gw, "says the account named treenyonq." Hahaha so cute want dong snail poison, "said another account named dmz369.

While the account named macanfisip are bored with the case of Ariel-Luna admitted entertained with their action. "Mending this dah .. gan, beautiful, polite, entertaining anymore. Instead ngeliatin LunMay, Cut Tari and Ariel, not educate people behh .. "she writes.
Video Sinta n Jojo Keong Racun
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