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Full name is Monica Jill Gladys Rahardja. But he was more familiar with Jill Gladys. Actress born 7 October 1986 initiated his career in the entertainment world with a model.jill gladys cute picture

From the modeling world, Jill had close to the presenter Mandala Shoji began reaching the role of the art world. FTV world and the big screen also dijajalnya. Some of the film that he is starring SETANNYA Kok BENERAN? (2008), Single LARIS (2009), CHILD SATAN (2009).jill gladys syur

It was blessings often appear crystal display, the bids are various ad came approached. Biore, Recheese cheese, ABC Green Beans, and Adem Sari are some ads that never get it.

Jill career including mulus enough in the world of entertainment. In 2 years time, it is ad star, sinetron, FTV world and reaching the big screen.

In personal relationships, this time near the middle of Jill melodist jebolan Indian Idol, Delon.